Posted by: tommyknockertavern | September 16, 2014

2015 Pond Hockey Dates: January 17 & 18

“The Golden Pick” Tommyknocker Pond Hockey Tournament is planned again for 2015!
Dates: January 17 & 18

This tourney will bring back childhood memories of afternoon hockey games played against friends. This annual tournament has been a huge hit, bringing the locals out to cheer on teams from all over Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas (and we are extending our invitation to hockey rinks all across the west)! The 3-on-3 round robin format insures that everyone plays at least 2-3 games (plus tourney play), local restaurants insure that everyone eats well, and the Tommyknocker Tavern hosts live music for evening entertainment.

Creede has two ponds just north of town that serve as the host site for this tournament. The ponds are at 8900 feet, making this one of the highest pond hockey tournaments on earth. The scenery is incredible! You will be skating beneath 800 ft canyon walls with wildlife roaming nearby. Bonfires burn near the ponds all day and the Community Center opens their bar and offers “locker room” space.

Registration from 7:30-8:30 on Saturday
First game at 9am each day


  1. Hi Brian – You can count the Urban Sasquatch in on the festivities for sure. Sorry about the confusion, but do we register online beforehand or do we have to wait until the morning of the tournament?

    Thanks, Drew

    Drew Rust (303) 282-7877 office (303) 579-5287 cell

  2. Where are the dreadwings those losers lol

  3. Do you know how late the games go for Sunday? I have friends coming in from Denver on Saturday and we were hoping to hit up Sunday’s games but just want to know if it’s a half day. If anybody can help out, that’d be great.

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